• JIT Access
        • Self Service Secure Passwordless Authentication

        • JIT Policies
        • Effective Access Policy Control for your entire organization

        • PAM
        • Simplified Privileged Access Management for the cloud and onPrem

        • JIT Approvals
        • Secure Custom Non Repudiation Approvals Management

        • Healthcare
        • Learn how to completely secure the Healthcare environment.

        • Legacy Devices
        • Learn how to leverage our JIT platform to secure your legacy and IOT devices.

        • Vulnerability Mitigation
        • Discover how using JIT Access and PAM can prevent a variety of CVE’s and attacks.

        • Compliance
        • Learn more about how our audit and compliance tools can help you maintain compliance.

        • Passwordless
        • Going passwordless doesn’t have to be hard. Find out how we can get you up and running fast.

        • Protecting Users with Intent
        • Upgrade your security, reduce costs and empower your users by capturing intent.

Passwordless - FIDO Certified seamless MFA

The realm of cybersecurity is one marked by relentless evolution. As threats grow more sophisticated, so too must the defenses that guard against them. One of the most transformative developments in recent years has been the move away from traditional authentication methods, such as password-based systems, towards more dynamic and robust security mechanisms.

Unlocking a safer digital future

Leading this paradigm shift is Next Level3, whose Just-In-Time (JIT) Access and passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions are redefining what it means to safeguard digital assets. Let’s explore the benefits of these innovations:

Reinforcing Identity Verification with Passwordless

Next Level3’s JIT Access stands at the forefront of innovative MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) and Identity Verification technologies. By aligning with the revolutionary Zero Trust security principles, JIT Access combines advanced MFA techniques and biometric identification to provide a robust security shield for your organization.

While passwords can be cracked or guessed, biometric data—like fingerprints or facial recognition—cannot be easily replicated. Next Level3’s passwordless MFA combines such biometric verifications with other factors like device recognition or location-based checks. This multi-layered approach ensures that even if one authentication factor is compromised, there are additional layers that an attacker would need to bypass.

Better User Experience

One of the unspoken challenges of cybersecurity is the trade-off between security and user convenience. Traditional MFA methods, which involve OTPs or security tokens, can sometimes inconvenience users. Passwordless MFA streamlines the process, offering users a smoother and more intuitive experience, which in turn encourages compliance and wider adoption.

Mitigate Man-in-middle and phishing

Without passwords, attackers lose a primary avenue of attack. Phishing campaigns, which often target credentials, become largely ineffective. Similarly, man-in-the-middle attacks, which intercept and modify communications, find little to no success when multi-factor, passwordless mechanisms are in place.

Reduced Costs

Forget password resets or account lockouts. With JIT Access and passwordless MFA, organizations can significantly reduce the operational costs and time spent on such issues. This not only translates to direct cost savings but also allows IT teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

Future Proof your security

As the digital landscape evolves, so too will the threats that loom. Implementing JIT Access and passwordless MFA is not just about addressing the vulnerabilities of today—it's about preemptively guarding against the threats of tomorrow. With these mechanisms, organizations are better poised to adapt to future challenges.

Cost-Effectiveness of Next Level3's Solutions

When the conversation veers towards cybersecurity, it’s tempting to focus exclusively on the technological dimensions. Yet, the financial aspect of it—both in terms of potential losses from breaches and the costs associated with implementing defenses—cannot be ignored. In the modern digital era, Next Level3’s passwordless solutions stand out not just for their security but also for their cost-effectiveness. Let’s dive deeper into this.

The Hidden Costs of Passwords:

Before assessing the financial benefits of passwordless solutions, it’s vital to understand the costs associated with traditional password-based systems:

  1. Resetting Passwords: One of the most frequent IT helpdesk requests is password resets. The cumulative man-hours spent on these tasks can be astonishingly high, leading to substantial costs.

  2. Downtime Costs: When users are locked out of their accounts due to forgotten passwords, it leads to lost productivity. Even if the downtime is just a few minutes, multiplied across many employees and incidents, this can represent a considerable cost.

  3. Training and Education: Organizations invest a lot in educating employees about the importance of strong password habits. This involves both direct training costs and the time employees spend in training instead of their regular tasks.


  1. Reduced Operational Costs: By eliminating passwords, Next Level3 effectively removes the need for regular password resets. The savings from reduced helpdesk interactions alone can be significant.

  2. Decreased Downtime: With an intuitive passwordless login process, there’s minimal chance of users being locked out of their accounts, ensuring consistent productivity levels.

  3. No Training Overheads: While initial orientation might be required for passwordless solutions, the simplicity of biometric or token-based systems means fewer training sessions and refresher courses.

Cost Advantages:

  1. Scalable Solutions: Next Level3’s platforms are designed to be scalable, meaning organizations don’t face exponential cost hikes as they grow. This contrasts with many competitors whose pricing models can become prohibitive as user numbers rise.

  2. Inbuilt Versatility: Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, Next Level3’s solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization. This means companies don’t end up paying for features they don’t need.

  3. Maintenance & Updates: Some competitors have complex systems that require frequent (and often costly) updates or maintenance checks. Next Level3, with its emphasis on streamlined solutions, keeps these costs low and predictable.

  4. Integration Costs: Next Level3’s systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of existing IT infrastructures. This reduces the need for expensive overhauls or third-party integration tools, which can be a significant cost with other providers.

While the initial cost of implementing a new system is always a concern for businesses, it’s the long-term costs—both seen and hidden—that truly impact the bottom line. Next Level3’s passwordless solutions don’t just provide enhanced security; they offer a genuinely cost-effective alternative to traditional systems. In the realm of cybersecurity, where both security and costs are paramount, Next Level3 is carving a niche that’s hard for competitors to match.

Automatic push attack aware protection without codes

Use your existing mobile or web FIDO2 supported devices

Why choose Next Level3?

JIT Access

Passwordless Identity seamlessly connected to your existing identity infrastructure.

JIT Policies

Redefine account control for your organization solving critical internal use cases.

JIT Approvals

Enable customized approvals for any application action preventing fraud and extending biometric protections into your application use cases.

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